e-Sil 100 Series

Conductive Carbon/Silicone Rubber

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e-Sil 100 is a silicone rubber filled with a special conductive carbon. Excellent electrical properties with superior strength and physical properties are achieved by special selection of elastomer type and fine tuning of carbon type and concentration. These properties are maintained over an extremely wide temperature range.
Ideal for static discharge and corona applications.  e-sil100.jpg
Excellent voltage handling capability for grounding and lower current densities.
Effective over a wide range of temperature.
Superior tensile strength comparing to competing materials.
Excellent compression set to maintain sealing force over very long period of time.
Chemical resistance for process cleaning agents.
Available in sheets in every thickness and custom die-cut parts.
Available also in custom molded parts to any shape.  
Physical Properties e-Sil 150 e-sil 160 e-sil 170 Test Method
Elastomer binder silicone silicone silicone  
Filler type Cond. Carbon Cond. Carbon Cond. Carbon Cond.  
Color Black Black Black  
Operational Temperature, °C (-60) to (+180) (-60) to (+180) (-60) to (+180)  
Hardness, Shore A 50 ± 5 60 ± 5 70 ± 5 ASTM D-2240
Tensile Strength, psi (Mpa) 840(5.8) 850(5.9) 820(5.7) ASTM D-412
Elongation, % 300 250 140 ASTM D-412
Tear Strength, die C, lb/in (kN/m) 55(9.7) 55(9.7) 56(9.9) ASTM D-624
Volume Change in Water 24hr@25°C +0.2% +0.2% +0.2% ASTM D-471
Specific Gravity, gr/cm3 1.11 1.13 1.17 ASTM D-792
Compression Set, 22hr @ 177°C 35% 38% 28% ASTM D-395
Volume Resistivity, Ω-cm 5.2 2.8 2.8 Mil-DTL-83528

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