Composite Rubbers

Electrically Conductive Rubbers

e-Sil 100
e-Sil 400
e-Sil 500
e-Sil 600

Extreme Low Gas Permeability Low Outgassing Rubbers
Silicone or fluorosilicone with carbon, silver or silver coated aluminum fillers for sealing and RFI/EMI shielding according to Mil-G-83528, Volume Resistivity 20 up to 0.004 Ω-cm. Enhanced Viton compounds filled with proprietary filler producing outstanding low permeation and extremely low outgassing and carbonization free for high vacuum applications
Thermal Conductive Rubbers

e-Therm 150
e-Therm 250
Radar Absorbing Rubbers
Silicone with thermally conductive electrically insulating ceramic fillers producing Thermal Conductivity range of 1-20 W/m-K. Silicone or Neoprene rubbers with high dielectric and magnetic fillers for superior absorption in low thickness configuration.