Company's Profile

Alvas Ltd. Emerged from a small family business founded in 1956 to a leading company in its field that serves the entire industrial spectrum. The company provides consulting, developing and manufacturing of a large variety of rubber products, using 'of the shelf' product as well of custom-made designs.


The company's customers includes all of the military industry in Israel as well as world-wide military contractors, communication and electronics companies, electro-optical companies, medical companies, constriction & reinforcing companies and many more.


State of the art equipment of presses and injection machines enables manufacturing of miniature and fine products as well as large and massive ones. Small series or prototype development are taking place in the factory innovative laboratory, which enables mapping and designing areproducible and accurate process even with a large-scale manufacturing series.

Development and preparation of the rubber compounds in the factory, enables to monitor and control on the manufacturing process while sticking to the most severe specifications of the part requirements.

A designated cutting department enables to cut customized seals from rubber sheets with extremely short manufacturing schedule, using computerized cutting table. On the other hand, using a custom shaped knifes for larger-scale manufacturing series.

Metal surface handling equipment, serves a rubber to metal bonding manufacturing line in order to deal with parts that requires bonding rubber to metal.

Automated finishing machines for rubber parts enables flawless finishing with high visual quality even on a large-scale manufacturing series.


We are handling in our factory all of the known rubber types. Including Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Silicone, Fluorosilicone and Viton. A large variety of rubber compounds developed over the years enables to stick to every civil or military standards, fire resistance specifications, ROHS & REACH standards and medical standards as well.

Special compounds developed in our laboratories, enables to manufacture rubber parts that are electricity conductive, heat conductive or electro-magnetic radiation absorbers.


Our senior and experienced staff is the basis to all of our manufacturing process, manufacturing management and quality control. Our goal is to convey to our customer all of the professional experience that we accumulated over the years, in order to produce the required product with the highest quality and at the lowest price in every quantity and time frame the customer demands.